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Where is the End User Licence Agreement?


What is the anonymous data you are collecting?

The data collected only contains information about the game you just played. It includes what weapons were used, which ones caused the most damages, or kills, which ones inflicted self damages. It also includes what type of AI you played against (e.g. the "easiest" ones, or the "smarter" ones).

We do NOT collect personal informations, or any other information NOT related to the game itself, such as a unique identifier for your phone, or your phone number, email address, IP address, etc.

We also make the data to send as small as we can, to be fast. We try to send the data only twice. If it fails, we forget about it.

Also you can disable anonymous reporting. But you see, we really do that to improve the game, not for any other reasons. So it's nice if you help :)

How does the collected data help making a better game?

For example, if many user play agains the smarter AI, and still win easily, it means that the game is too easy, and that we should make it harder, or add another level of difficulty.

Similarly, if a weapon consistently kills the player who is using it, or never make damages to other teams, it may mean that this weapon is too hard to use, and should be re-evaluated.

Finally, if no one plays in a given world, maybe we should make other ones, in a different style (e.g. the "coal mine" world is different than the others, because it is "enclosed").

Can I help make the game even better?

Sure ! You can fill up the following forms to vote for your favorite feature or send bug reports and feature requests. Thank you!